Microderm – Iontophoresis Corrective Facial


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What Is Microderm Iontophoresis Facial?

This treatment is used to promote more even complexion, smoother texture, improve blood circulation and tighten facial muscles. The treatment requires the use of microdermabrasion and then of a galvanic current tool that helps strengthen the skin and allows it to absorb nourishing ingredients.

How Does Microderm Iontophoresis Treatment Work?

During this treatment, the epidermis will be exfoliated from dead skin cells; professional serums containing antioxidants, vitamins, peptides, and other bio-targeted ingredients are used in combination with a galvanic current tool. The galvanic current tool uses its positive and negative charge to push the serums deeper into the skin. Low electric currents are passed through the skin for delivering therapeutic effects like body muscle toning and facial micro-lifting. This will help improve the skin’s hydration and leave it looking more radiant and renewed. Wrinkles and fine lines crossing your face start fading away while your sagging skin gets a significant lift.

Who Is a Candidate For Microderm Iontophoresis Treatment?

Anyone who wants to strengthen, hydrate and uplift their skin is a candidate for this treatment.

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