It seems that nearly everyone has an opinion about what works best for skin, and most are ready to share their “tried and true” methods of keeping skin refreshed and beautiful. How do we know, though, that this information is true? Where is it coming from?

In today’s day of instant information via the internet, we can find credible resources when looking for ways to improve our skin’s appearance. The following information is intended to enlighten you as we debunk some of the most common misconceptions around skin care, regardless of what type of skin you have.

Myth #1: Acne Is A Result Of Not Washing Your Face Properly

Acne is the result of excess oil, skin cell buildup and the skin’s ability to slough off dead skin cells. This causes impurities to clog pores, resulting in the unsightly condition we know as acne. Acne is actually irritated by too much washing, as it disrupts the delicate moisture balance that your skin is trying to achieve on its own. Wash regularly with a mild cleanser and water, and apply a light, oil-free acne moisturizer to protect against free radical damage. Over drying your skin won’t keep acne at bay. In fact, it may cause your skin to overcompensate for the lack of hydration and as a result produce more oil.

Myth #2: You Will Age Faster If You Wear Makeup

Makeup does not directly cause you to age faster; it’s the lack of proper skincare and lifestyle that contributes to faster aging. With that said, you will not age faster when wearing makeup if you thoroughly clean your skin at the end of the day. If you have combination skin, follow up with an oily skin moisturizer to ensure that you give your skin vital nourishment. Oily skin moisturizers need to be water-based, rather than cream based, to make sure that you are not clogging pores and causing breakouts.

Myth #3: Washing With Hot Water Will Open Up Your Pores Better

Lukewarm water is ideal when cleansing because any extreme temperatures will shock your face and cause pores to react. When it comes to home regimens, a gentle approach to cleansing is best, unless otherwise directed by your skincare professional.

Myth #4: The More You Exfoliate, The Better

Cleansing and scrubbing does not have to hurt to work. Removing dead skin cells does not have to be painful. Exfoliating your face with gentle products containing natural substances is much better than intensely rubbing your skin. Be gentle with your skin, because harsh rubbing can result in acne, irritation, and other skin issues.
If you are looking for a much stronger and effective way to exfoliate your skin, book a session with your skincare professional or book an appointment with us, by clicking here.

Myth #5: If Skin Products Burn Or Tingle, They Are Working

While a little tingling may be normal, burning or stinging is not something you should experience when caring for your skin. A gentle approach to skincare will ensure that you maintain your youthful appearance for years to come.

Myth #6: Rubbing Alcohol Kills Acne

Applying rubbing alcohol may actually dry your face, causing it to produce more oil than before. Choosing an astringent or toner with a mild combination of ingredients will work best for all skin types, even oily and combination skin.

Myth #7: Applying More Makeup Will Sufficiently Cover A Breakout

Applying more makeup to breakout-prone areas will ensure that these areas will be easily noticed—makeup will settle over the uneven area in a blotchy pattern, causing your breakouts to be more visible. Instead, consider using a BB Cream that is tinted, yet provides some soothing properties to quell future acne breakouts.

Myth #8: Different Areas Of Skin Have Different Needs

It is a common misconception that an eye cream only works on the delicate area around the eye. If something is branded a moisturizer, it is good for all areas of the face. It is that simple.

Myth #9: You Can Use Tried And True Products For The Long Haul

Even if you find an amazing skin care regimen that blesses you throughout your twenties and thirties, there is no guarantee that it will continue to deliver results as you age. Changing up your skin care products will allows you to feed your skin what it needs to be at its best.

Myth #10: Makeup Makes You Beautiful

We believe that beauty is skin-deep and that your beautiful skin is hidden beneath the makeup, acne, uneven skin tone, discoloration, etc. Regardless of the scenario, you are beautiful as you are and we hope you never let anyone convince you otherwise. Our job here at DermApproach is to help you unleash your beautiful healthy skin that is hiding beneath the surface.

No matter what your regimen–whether you cleanse on the run, or if you lather, rinse, moisturize, and exfoliate, it is time to dispel some of the myths around skincare and embrace a new way of taking care of your canvas.

Put your real face forward; we can’t wait to pamper you!