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Discover the right skincare products, which can continue the healing process post treatment.

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It’s important to take care of your skin after treatments. Also, we understand that all products and regimens are not created equal. With that said, we will recommend products that are precisely suitable for your skin and your concerns.

Healing must continue after your treatments at our clinic. This is why our clinic uses iS Clinical® and DermAware® Bio-Targeted Skin Care products, which can help you maintain healthy and beautiful skin. We work with every client to set up just the right regimen; it’s our way of supporting you and your skin post treatment.

DermAware® Bio-Targeted Skin Care Products

Choosing the correct cleanser is the first step to healthy skin. Our cleansers are multi-functional. They lift and remove debris, excess oils, make-up and clean out pores. This basic step is extremely important. It prepares the skin for subsequent steps. It reduces breakouts. It improves skin color, texture and feel. Dermaware® offers a full array of cleansers to target your skin’s specific needs. It is not uncommon that you may use two cleansers depending on your skin’s oil production, hormonal fluctuations or seasonal requirements. You will notice that our Dermaware® regimens suggest a milder cleanser for the day and a more exfoliating cleanser for the night.

Our toners augment results and prepare the skin for subsequent treatments. If your skin is quenched for moisture or sensitive then Delicate Balance™ Toner with Hyaluronic acid, nature’s own plumping agent is ideal. Teens and men love it as a daily moisturizing gel. Oil Balance™ Toner with its extracting fruit acids removes excess oils and impurities to leave pores clean. Recommended for ingrown hairs, large pore size, oily skin, breakouts or just to boost exfoliation for anti-aging!

Loaded with essential nutrients, vitamins, bio-molecular peptides, growth factors, polyphenols, pure essential oils, these moisturizers deliver all day long. Our moisturizers target the causes of dehydration as well as the symptoms. From Anti-Oxidant™ Moisturizer Oil-Free, Perfect Fit™ Hydrator, Anti-Oxidant™ Moisturizer Optimum, Extreme Cream™ to Wrinkle Recovery™ both the feel and level of emollients increase. Choose one to match your skin’s need for emolliency and hydration.

We offer various treatment masks and scrubs that allow you to give your skin just what it needs. A must have for all is our Bare Fruit™ Mask with its papaya fruit enzymes that gently dissolve rough, dry, aged skin to reveal smooth, youthful even-toned skin beneath. Begin each day with a Clean Slate™. Purifying sea clay and oat draw out excess oils and impurities to refine skin. Saving Face™ has never been so easy! This mini peel bio-targets acne, oily, hyperpigmentation and the signs of aging. A bouquet of corn, elder and chamomile flowers hydrate and soothe in this cool gel mask. Your skin will bloom with Flower Power™. At night sleep in Modern Mask™ for a youthful, lifted, refreshed look in the morning!

The first signs of aging often appear on the eyes and lip area. It is not uncommon for fines lines and smile lines to show as young as the early twenties. Therefore, it is very important that all ages focus on prevention and correction as early as possible. So whether you need help with moisture, wrinkles, expression induced fine lines, environmental or lifestyle induced damage, crepy skin, bags, dark circles we have an eye treatment just for you. Get started today with Eye C Eye™ Care for a great daily eye cream and End of the Line EYE™ Repair cream for the night. This new revolutionary eye treatment takes eye age control to a new level by targeting laugh lines, brow lines and giving the eyes a nice wide awake look. For dark circles try Circle Out™ and for under-eye bags we recommend Bagless™ Eye Gel. A quick fix for all aging eyes is to apply two drops of VITal B Hydrogel™ and Wrinkle Release™ to help with the thin, crepy skin around the eyes or lips. Don’t forget your lips with our Anti-Aging Lip™ Balm- plumping, hydrating and corrective at the same time. Our eye treatments combine our proprietary peptides and retinoids to erase dark circles, combat bags and erase those wrinkles!

Dermaware® peels work on many levels. They exfoliate and remove the top layers of skin (cellular turnover) to reveal the smooth, even youthful skin beneath. It is also known that peels stimulate the renewal process from the inside out by stimulating new cellular growth (cellular proliferation) to reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, discoloration or breakouts. We offer several different at home peels for nightly use called the “End of the Line™”. The End of the Line™ Lotions are recommended for dry or sensitive skin while the Gels are best for oily or acne prone skin. Our multi-tiered (gentle, strong and extra-strong medical strengths) allow you move up and continue to achieve the best results over and over again. Try our Saving Face™ Mask to target age, pigment or acne or Saving Face Rosacea™ Mask to address some of the symptoms of rosacea including breakouts, uneven skin color or texture. Start exfoliating your skin today with our Bare Fruit™ Enzyme Mask once a week and see the difference it makes in your skin color, tone and texture. These at home peels will help your skin look and feel better by brightening, smoothing and augmenting the performance of your other skin care products. Refer to a Dermaware® regimen that is perfect for you. For advanced professional treatments contact us for a Dermaware® skin care spa or doctors office in your area!

iS Clinical® Products

Cleansing is vital for maintaining a clean, clear, and vibrant complexion. Our cleansers are ideal for all skin types, ages, and genders. Gentle yet effective resurfacing agents, balanced with potent antioxidants, remove excess oils, makeup and debris without causing irritation or dryness.

Antioxidants are vital to maintaining optimal skin health just as they are to the rest of the body. They help to counteract the damaging effects of free radicals, while also providing powerful age-defying properties. Antioxidant formulas assist in calming visual redness while providing visible brightening effects. A full range of potent antioxidant formulas are available from iS Clinical®, including the ADVANCE+ line which incorporates a scientifically-advanced, stabilized form of L-ascorbic acid (vitamin C).

Exfoliation is key to creating a bright, even, glowing complexion. For some, exfoliation can be irritating – that’s why iS Clinical® exfoliant formulas are botanically-based, making them as gentle as they are powerful.

Combat the look of tired, aging eyes with iS Clinical® eye products, proven to reduce the appearance of dark circles, crow’s feet and under-eye puffiness. These luxurious and lightweight products help support the delicate skin around the eye, while providing potent antioxidants and nourishing hydration.

iS Clinical® serums help visibly improve all major skin concerns with scientifically-advanced, botanically-based ingredients. These multi-tasking formulas produce remarkably noticeable results in the skin’s appearance. Our dynamic, advanced technology-based serums are ideal for all skin types and all ages. Superior antioxidants, EXTREMOZYME technology, support of cellular regeneration and metabolism, and a brighter, clearer complexion are just some of the advantages of iS Clinical® serums.

iS Clinical® products have got you covered – literally. Our broad-spectrum UVA/UVB sunscreens help prevent sunburn and the visual signs of photoaging (when used as directed)….all with a luxurious feel and a transparent, non-greasy finish. Our cutting-edge forms of stable, micronized mineral sunscreens provide maximum broad spectrum protection against UV rays without risk of skin sensitivity, inflammation or irritation. Our sunscreens also contain powerful antioxidants to increase the effectiveness of protection against the effects of UV-related damage, and potent proprietary Extremozyme® skin DNA protectants to help prevent photoaging and lessen risk factors associated with skin cancer.

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