Unwanted hair growing on some parts of the face and body is probably one of the most annoying things to deal with. If you like your skin to be smooth and silky, then you really need to get rid of your unwanted hair. While shaving and waxing can do the trick, they are only temporary. If you are looking for a painless and long-term solution to your pesky hair, then you might like to consider laser hair removal treatment. 

Laser hair removal treatments have increasingly become a popular choice by millions these days. It works by using concentrated light energy or laser that will be absorbed by the melanin in the skin. This light energy is then converted to heat energy that will destroy the hair follicles in the skin; as a result, hair growth will be prevented or delayed. 

If you are new to laser hair removal treatment, then these 5 essential tips will come useful to you.

  • Shave before the treatment

You might be thinking of doing your part on the day of your treatment by plucking or waxing your body. That is a big No-No. Do not attempt to pluck or wax your hair if you are planning to take laser hair removal treatment as it could hinder from achieving the best result. However, you can run a razor on the body parts that you want to be treated. 

  • Take multiple sessions for best result

All hairs are unique and have different granules. And laser hair removal treatment works best with darker skin tone and darker hairs. Know that only about 80% of your hair follicles will be destroyed with laser hair removal treatment. And it requires several sessions to achieve this result especially if you have lighter skin tone. So, if you want to want to enjoy a smooth, silky and hair-less skin for a long period of time, then take multiple sessions of the treatment. 

  • Do not apply any products on your skin

If you plan to take laser hair removal treatment, then make sure to clean your body and face with any skin products including lotion. Skin care products contain components that might react negatively with a laser beam resulting in pigmentation and irritation, or worse, skin burns. 

  • Learn about post-treatment irritation

It helps to read and learn about laser hair removal before undergoing the treatment especially its potential side effects. After the treatment, you may experience inconvenience such as swelling and irritation. These are all normal and will eventually go away in a few days. To get relief, apply a cold or warm compress on the treated area. You may also ask your doctor on how to deal with skin swelling and irritation.

  • Avoid sun exposure

As annoying as they may be, the hairs in our skin have a purpose. In a way, it protects our skin from the sun’s direct radiation. With the hairs being removed by the treatment, it leaves your skin vulnerable to the harmful rays of the sun. After the treatment, your doctor may advise you to wear sunscreen every time you step our in the sun or, if possible, avoid sun exposure.