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Professional Skincare Products Vs. Over The Counter


People today are more conscious of their skin than ever before. Your skin is an important organ of your body and it works hard every day to protect you from harmful elements. It is crucial that you develop healthy skincare in order to maintain the health of your skin as well as its radiance. [...]

Professional Skincare Products Vs. Over The Counter2020-01-13T17:00:03+00:00

What is Hyperpigmentation?


What is Hyperpigmentation? Hyperpigmentation occurs when the skin excessively produces melanin brought on by several possible factors such as cancer medication side effects, overexposure to the sun, and hormones. Melanin is the pigment that gives skin its color.  […]

What is Hyperpigmentation?2020-03-25T13:09:28+00:00

Tips For Rosacea-Prone Skin


People spend a lot of money just to get smoother, younger skin. After all, the skin is the largest organ of a human body so it’s just natural that you make an effort to take care of it. Skincare routines vary for each individual, and while one routine or remedy may work for one person, [...]

Tips For Rosacea-Prone Skin2019-09-30T12:16:40+00:00

Why Follow a Proper Skin Care Regimen


People love to create a habit and routine – having coffee before breakfast to from listening to the evening news. Out of all the habits that we have, we tend to forget about the most important – your skin care regimen.  When you are too busy and tired, all you want to do is go [...]

Why Follow a Proper Skin Care Regimen2019-09-30T12:24:37+00:00

Sun Factor Protection


What is SPF? Sun Protection Factor or SPF remains a crucial ingredient in sunscreens. SPF protects your skin from ultraviolet (UV) light damage. Two types of UV damage to the skin exist. These two types of UV are UVA and UVB. The goal of SPF products remains to protect your skin from UVA and UVB [...]

Sun Factor Protection2020-03-25T13:07:50+00:00

Sunscreens: Chemical vs. Physical


It’s that time of year again: the days are getting longer, the sun is getting stronger. But before you head out to catch some rays, don’t forget about the importance of using sunscreen, an absolute must-have when it comes to aiding in the prevention of cancer and aging. Hopefully, you’ve already been using it as [...]

Sunscreens: Chemical vs. Physical2019-05-08T13:48:03+00:00

Retinoids: Can They Benefit Your Skin?


Retinoids are vitamin A derivatives that come in a variety of oral and topical medications. While some may be purchased over-the-counter, more powerful versions are available from your dermatologist or aesthetician. These powerful ingredients have been around since 1971, and have since been used to address a variety of skincare concerns, from photoaging to acne. [...]

Retinoids: Can They Benefit Your Skin?2019-05-07T19:20:23+00:00

Laser Hair Removal and Smooth, Gorgeous Skin


It can be an extraordinary inconvenient to have to shave your body on a daily or weekly basis. It’s something countless individuals around the world readily accept, however. If you’re fed up with dull shaving of body hair, however, positive news is on hand for you. Laser hair removal is an aesthetic procedure that’s been [...]

Laser Hair Removal and Smooth, Gorgeous Skin2019-03-04T18:25:34+00:00

How to Obtain a Radiant Complexion


How to Obtain a Radiant Complexion Life is a splendid journey of celebrations and obstacles that reflects in the contours and lines of your face. The achievements and challenges you experience at work, home, and in your relationships can have a lasting effect on the quality of your skin. If you are undergoing too much [...]

How to Obtain a Radiant Complexion2019-01-24T16:06:40+00:00

Hyperpigmentation: What Causes It and How to Prevent It


Many women have some form of pigmentation on their skin, especially on their faces. This can typically results in the formation of dark spots that can vary in size from minor spotting to patches that vary in size and shape. These dark spots or patches are what is called hyperpigmentation. While it is especially common [...]

Hyperpigmentation: What Causes It and How to Prevent It2018-11-29T20:42:17+00:00
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