While clinical treatment is preferred for cancer patients, over the years, additional alternative options for managing the effects of cancer have been proven to greatly help patients. These additional treatments can range anywhere from music therapy to regular massages. One really beneficial add-on treatment that is perfect for cancer patients is the iS Clinical Harmony Facial.

What Does Cancer Treatment Do To Patients?

Depending on the type of cancer a person has and the intensity that needs to be applied to the treatment, patients can experience adverse effects. Skin changes in cancer patients are incredibly common with both chemotherapy and radiation therapy. Some skin irregularities that emerge during cancer treatment are:

  • Dry and itchy skin
  • Peeling skin
  • Discolored looking skin
  • The development of rashes
  • Increased skin sensitivity

These issues can be temporary or recurring. More severe cases may require medical intervention, however, many can be treated by practicing certain skincare procedures. The National Cancer Institute has a great information center for those who would like to know more information on skin irregularities related to cancer treatment.

How The iS Clinical Harmony Facial Can Help

There are many options for those who want to try to cope with their skin issues post-cancer treatment, a great one being regular facials. The iS Clinical Harmony Facial is approved by the iS Cancer Care Program and helps ease physical and emotional pain and challenges that cancer patients may experience during their treatment. This treatment is great for those who have sensitive skin. It effectively transmits nutrients deep into the skin to improve its texture, clarity, and overall health. Some additional benefits of this treatment include:

  • A brighter looking appearance of the skin
  • Plumper skin
  • More radiant and glowing skin

The goal of this treatment is to reduce the negative impacts of cancer treatment on its patients. Many patients may not feel like themselves and may not even recognize their reflection in the mirror due to the great physical changes that their skin can go through while they are in treatment. Our experts hope that they can provide a beauty treatment to these patients that can renew their natural beauty and bring out their beautiful, glowing skin that reflects the courage that we see in them.

Other than treating the physical appearance of the skin, the iS Clinical Harmony Facial can also temporarily ease any anxiety, stress, fatigue, and pain that cancer patients may be feeling in relation to their skin and their medical treatments.

Many patients who have gotten the massage in addition to the facial have reported a great reduction in pain and lymphatic fluid in their arms and legs. Massaging the face and body increases circulation and better allows the body to feel healthier and more well connected.

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