People today are more conscious of their skin than ever before. Your skin is an important organ of your body and it works hard every day to protect you from harmful elements. It is crucial that you develop healthy skincare in order to maintain the health of your skin as well as its radiance. If you wanted to look younger, presentable and glowing, the first thing you need to do is invest in your skin’s health. If your skin is healthy, you will look younger and fresher. 

Apart from hydrating yourself and sleeping early, it is also important that you look for skincare products that suit your skin type. There are a lot of skincare products being sold in the market today that finding the best product for your skin can be overwhelming. If you think your skin only deserves the best, you should invest in professional skincare products. Professional skincare products are those products recommended by the experts and can only be brought exclusively. On the other hand, over the counter skincare products are products accessible by almost anyone and can be brought right away without even consulting a skincare expert first.

A lot of people will shy away from professional skincare products because they have easy access to OTC skincare products which are cheaper. Yes, professional skincare products may cost more but there are reasons behind that. So, why you need professional skincare products? Check out below:

  • The ingredient quality is at its highest

Your skin will show results even after a few uses. Professional skincare products contain the highest quality active ingredients and they are made in smaller batches to ensure its freshness. When a product is fresh, it is more effective. 

  • Smaller molecule size

Professional skincare products contain active ingredients in molecule size so it can penetrate down to your dermis or the lower layer of the skin where the cellular change actually happens. Most OTC products have larger sizes which means, it cannot penetrate deeply as what it claims to be.

  • Your skin will look better

Professional skincare products are made by professionals who have years of education in skincare. Their products are made to help you achieve the best-looking skin possible. 

Professional skincare products versus over the counter skincare products may have been the issue to a lot of people. When choosing, remember that people have different skin types and may react to a certain product differently. Talk to your dermatologist and discuss your options when planning to use skincare products. Most dermatologists would recommend professional skincare products since they are more effective and safer to use as the ingredients won’t harm your skin. 

If you love your skin, invest in professional skincare products because your skin deserves only the best!