The average woman usually schedules about six to eight days a month devoted solely to beauty. On these days, she usually goes to the priciest spa in her neighborhood to have a facial that costs as much as some cars. Blood? Caviar? Leech Therapy? She’s had it all on her face.

Whoops, sorry. That’s usually the case for some celebrities, who can spare a few hundred (if not thousands) dollars when it comes to extreme beauty routines. However, for the average person, reality can be very different. While you may have had a facial or two in the past, you’re probably very busy and prefer sticking to a budget, which may even prevent you from a once-a-year facial treatment.

We understand that many individuals see facials as overly luxurious spa treatments and don’t make them a part of their overall beauty maintenance routines. However, when you really examine facials for acne, aging, hyperpigmentation, uneven skin tone, etc. you can see that facials are actually a necessity for maintaining healthy skin in the long run. Allow us to elaborate.

Think of Facials as a Skin-Deep Cleanse

If you were to tell your dentist that you were going to start skipping your annual cleanings, because you were already brushing at home, he might be so flabbergasted that he couldn’t even begin to tell you how wrong that line of thinking was.

Facials are actually very similar to dental cleanings, in the sense that they provide a periodic deep cleaning that you simply cannot replicate at home. While your nightly face cleaning routine certainly removes surface-level dirt and grime, it doesn’t get deep into the pores. Furthermore, procedures like an IPL treatment and a hyperpigmentation treatment – which can make a huge difference in the appearance of your skin – aren’t something you can do at home.

When you neglect to deeply clean the pores, over time, they can become filled with oil and debris and turn into sebaceous filaments, which resemble blackheads. Unlike blackheads, however, they’re virtually impossible to permanently extract. This is why regular facials are so beneficial for maintaining healthy skin. Depending on your skin, you may need a specific treatment once a month, or less frequently. This is entirely for a skincare specialist to determine with you.

Regular Facials Save You Money In The Long Run

Most people apply too much product during their nightly skincare routines. If you have a habit of using an entire dropper of serum, you might not necessarily be hurting your skin, but you’re definitely wasting money.

The reason so many people use pricey skincare products is because they don’t feel like the product is absorbing; they don’t see a difference in their skin’s appearance. For many people, this is true. When the pores are clogged and congested, there’s literally no room for the product to sink in and absorb. This means that there may not be anything wrong with the product, it’s just that your skin is unable to absorb it.

Picture an empty wine glass. You could pour water into it pretty easily. Now picture a wine glass that’s never been washed and filled with gunk and grime. You’d have to be pouring water for a very long time before the grime eventually dissipated and flowed away. However, were you to manually clean the glass before you started pouring, filling it would be easy. A facial is that cleaning that allows your skin to be ready to absorb your skincare products, meaning that you need less product to see a difference.

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